What can you finance with us?

So far, we have realised a wide variety of projects in collaboration with our clients. We have financed the construction of educational institutions as well as the building of energy plants (e.g. geothermal energy) or residential homes. Surprise us with your investment property.

You and your investment are at the forefront. Our private bankers have a high degree of empathy, which helps them to work with the financing experts to create the perfect package for you. The flat hierarchical structure of our establishment enables us to make rapid decisions regarding the granting of credit and to take the most important factor – your individual needs – into consideration. Because with us, the loans are made-to-measure – so that your goals and visions can become a reality.

Financing and sustainability

Alongside responsible investment, financing is firmly embedded in our DNA. The reconstruction of St. Stephen’s Cathedral following the Second World War is a milestone in our history, as is the construction of hospitals and schools run by religious congregations. As early as the middle of the last century, we made sustainable investments in the well-being, health and education of Austrians. In fact, this kind of financing is what is today described as green finance.

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How can you finance with us?

In a straightforward, personal and swift manner. This is how your vision becomes a reality.

Every loan is designed on the basis of your individual needs and framework conditions. The starting point for this is the analysis of the financing requirements in a one-on-one conversation with the bank’s financing experts. If necessary, we involve experts from outside, for example for legal and tax-related questions, in order to develop optimum overall solutions for you. Or we serve as a hub and syndicate the loan – that is to say, we finance you together with other banks.

1. Initial contact

Following the initial contact, you discuss the most important factors for the lending of credit in a personal conversation with your private banker. The future potential of the investment is verified. A conscientious initial assessment is a crucial element. It is a prerequisite for the swift processing of your financing request.

Fundamental decision

After your advisor has carried out an assessment and obtained the essential project information, a first preliminary discussion is held with the bank’s credit panel. The early involvement of the decision-makers means that you receive information on the financing parameters very quickly.

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2. Exchange of information and financing proposal

Your private banker outlines the conversations with you and the credit panel in a financing proposal. Potentially, further questions could arise at this point, or it may be that additional documents are required. Your advisor will approach you and include you in the decision.

3. Loan decision

As soon as all the necessary project-related information is at hand, your advisor enters the final phase and draws up the credit application. Thanks to credit committee meetings held on a weekly basis, Schelhammer Capital is able to guarantee very fast loan decisions.

4. Documentation of the contract and loan disbursement

The creation of the contract documents and the planning of the disbursement is the final step. Here, your private banker works closely with you, the bank’s internal contract services as well as any trustees. True to the motto: A loan that lasts!

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Senior Director/ Area Manager Financing

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Katrin Holzbauer, MA, MBA

Advisor Financing

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