The history of Schelhammer Capital Bank AG


Founding of a private bank by the merchant C. M. Perisutti. This later becomes the bank Schelhammer & Schattera.


Founding of Lavanttaler Gewerbe- und Handelsbank reg. Gen. mbH. Later on, this is known as Capital Bank.


Participation in Capital Bank by Grazer Wechselseitige Versicherung as a sole shareholder.


Founding of Security Kapitalanlagegesellschaft

The first sustainable fund in Austria (and beyond national borders) „Superior 1, Ethik Renten“ is established by the bank Schelhammer & Schattera.

Schelhammer & Schattera offers the first sustainable asset management „Schelhammer dynamic portfolio.


Capital Bank opens its Graz branch. It joins the Austrian Bankers' Association.


Capital Bank opens its branch in Salzburg.


Capital Bank opens the Vienna branch.


Schelhammer & Schattera sets up a further sustainable equity fund, „Superior 4, Ethik Aktien“.


Renaming of RBB Bank AG to Capital Bank-Grawe Gruppe AG.


Capital Bank opens its branch in Kitzbühel.


In 2008, the banking subsidiaries of the GRAWE group were reorganised into a banking group with Hypo Bank Burgenland. The reorganisation of the banking group sustainably enables the expansion of business and quality synergies as well as improved revenue quality through diversification. Furthermore, the competitive and success factors and equity capital were greatly improved.


Capital Bank establishes the central asset management.

Launch of the intensive foreign funds analysis and the rating thereof.

Founding of BK Immo and expansion of the investment solutions for freehold apartments and building owner/developer models.


Capital Bank opens the Klagenfurt branch.


Launch of the matching platform for the perfect advisor. Find the investment advisor that suits you and your needs.
The philanthropy consulting is launched with the “Gemeinnützige Stiftung Philanthropie Österreich” financial service.
GRAWE buys the bank Schelhammer & Schattera.


The central asset management holds over 500 million euros.

Takeover of the administration of the Schelhammer & Schattera asset management.


The central asset management expands its management approach in the area of shares to include Global Brands, Emerging Leaders and Global Innovators.



The central asset management is honoured with an award once again. In a long-term comparison, it beats the ETF benchmark.

The central asset management holds over 750 million euros.

Schelhammer & Schattera merge with Capital Bank to create Schelhammer Capital Bank AG.


Schelhammer Capital manages over 30 billion euros and has over 300 million euros in equity capital.