Family office

Our family office option provides extensive personalised services with that certain something for clients with special demands and a complex asset structure, including professional asset allocation, yield and risk-optimised portfolio management as well as comprehensive experience in the field of tax-efficient investments. Our clients include, in particular, families with particularly large and complex fortunes as well as numerous private foundations and companies.

In order to fully fulfil your requirements in every aspect, the family office coordinates independent teams of first-class specialists for you, who develop and implement intelligent strategies for your individual investment goals. The process begins with a detailed discussion to determine your investment goals, your risk profile and your liquidity requirements. The better we know and understand your needs and desires, the more personalised the advice we can offer you for all investment questions. Professional, competent and objective.

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Core satellite – our strategy for individual portfolio management

It’s well known that “the dose makes the poison”. And this is also what our core satellite strategy is based on – the right composition produces success. Only in this way can we offer you truly individual portfolio management.

We take on the administration of your portfolio for you. Your investment portfolio is independently and professionally attuned to your individual needs, your investment goals, your yield expectations and personal risk preferences. Leaving you free to dedicate your time to other things.

To optimally diversify your portfolio, we follow the so-called core satellite approach. A portfolio based on this strategy consists of a core and supplementary investments (= satellites). The core forms the strategic centre – a strong foundation on which the investment strategy is built. The aim of the additional satellites is to increase the returns or smooth out the results. With the core satellite approach, we also reflect interesting topics and current market developments, among other things, and make your asset management truly individual.

Reporting control of wealth

Even after the tendering and contracting of management mandates to external asset managers or banks, we attend to your concerns.

Checking whether your instructions are being adhered to by the individual asset managers, whether the fees demanded are justified or whether the risk specifications are being followed to the letter – we take on all of these sensitive tasks for you.

We prepare the collected results and present them to you in a clear and understandable format.

Tax optimisation and asset succession

Tax optimisation and asset succession

With sustainable tax planning in mind, we also check together with external experts whether your assets are ideally invested from a tax perspective. Our intergenerational service approach helps you to lay the foundation for an orderly transition to the next generation.


We coordinate for you an individually put together, independent team of specialists who will develop and implement the strategies for your individual asset goals. You benefit from our broad network of top-notch external cooperation partners such as lawyers, auditors, tax advisors and investment managers. It goes without saying that your main point of contact remains the Schelhammer Capital family office in Vienna or Graz.

Management mandate

Substantial fortunes are often managed by multiple portfolio managers in order to avoid the risk of a concentration of wealth.
We also take care of the professional tendering of management mandates for you and support you in selecting managers in accordance with your specifications.
In this case, we do not accept any management mandate ourselves.

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Helga Vorraber

Mag. Helga Vorraber

Senior Director / Deputy head Family Office / Wealth Management

T: +43 1 316 14 2306


Hermann Pöltl

Senior Director / Head Family Office / Wealth Management

T: +43 316 8072 2300