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As is the case with asset management, in investment consulting, your goals are very clearly the top priority. The experienced advisors in Schelhammer Capital’s private banking work together with you to establish your personal asset structure. 

Taking this as our foundation, we set up your capital investment based on the latest tried and tested methods. We don’t leave your investment success up to chance. In this, we make use of a large toolbox, including selected active and passive funds, meticulously researched individual securities for shares and bonds, private equity with enormous experience and much more. If the issues of sustainability and ESG are particularly near and dear to you, you’ve come to the right place. Long before these topics became mainstream, we were already addressing them intensively.                             

We established the first sustainable fund in 1989. At the end of 2021, our sustainable, global equity fund Superior 6 – Global Challenges was named the winner in a comprehensive test by the Stiftung Warentest consumer survey. The fund Superior 4 – Ethik Aktien was also among those at the top.

In addition, we also analyse your existing portfolio free of charge and optimise it, if you desire.

Who should use the investment consulting option in private banking?

The investment consulting service is designed with all the investors in mind who want to put together an efficient portfolio and preserve and expand their assets with the support of our experienced investment advisors. Our private banking investment advisors provide support according to your wishes and expectations. You always remain at the helm and continue to determine the direction of your financial and capital investment.

How does investment consulting work in private banking?

After you have made an appointment, in the first step we work with you to develop the guiding principles – the asset structure – for the composition of your securities portfolio and for our collaboration. In this stage, the investment advisors gear themselves exclusively towards your personal interests, circumstances and goals:

• Phase of life

• Life situation

• Goal of capital investment

• Need for security

• Target return

• Time frame

• Inheritance

At the end of the introductory step, your specifications for the composition of your capital investment are clear. Investment consulting with Schelhammer Capital private banking means asset protection and expansion. Investment consulting with us also means that you can first find the advisor who best suits you. What qualities or interests should your future advisor have?

What happens with your personal information?

The experienced advisors at Schelhammer Capital draw up your personal asset structure. Depending on the complexity, this may also be done in a team with internal and – if necessary – external specialists. The exclusive basis for this is your personal life situation and the associated goals. We create a personal asset structure for you. In this way, an individual composition of your assets is established.

Since 1980, studies have been confirming time and again that the composition of assets – the asset allocation – is responsible for around 90% of long-term success. This is precisely why we begin the process of successful investment consulting with a strategy consultation. Just 4% of the return is determined by the choice of securities (e.g. BMW over Daimler). The often-pursued attempt at market timing (buying at a lower price and selling higher) contributes to just 2% of success. In fact, market timing is an illusion. Time in the market, on the other hand, is key to returns and growth on your capital investment. Patience, strategy and planning are the guarantees for success. The following graphic shows the key factors for a successful capital investment. 

What’s important here is that this observation is based on a diversified investment, i.e. one that is widely spread out. Although a single share holds the greatest potential for profit, it also has a large potential for loss. The risk is considerable.

What does serious investment consulting cost?

Right up front:good advice is not expensive, it’s worth a lot.

There is no universal answer to the question of cost that applies to all banks and investors. It depends above all on the complexity and size of the assets. In the first phase, it costs time. Time spent with an investment advisor in order to discuss your personal situation. You only pay once your portfolio is implemented by us. You should anticipate one to two percent of the capital envisaged for investment.

What advantages does professional investment consulting give you?

Professional investment consulting by a private banker with Schelhammer Capital has a great deal of advantages:

• It offers you a high degree of independence   

• It offers you a high degree of independence

• It reconciles your goal with the opportunities of the capital market               

• It gives you an overview of your securities                                               

• It allows you room for manoeuvre   

• It can be implemented independently of the investment advisor                   

• The portfolio is adjusted to the current market situation and your personal         circumstances                                                                             

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What risks are associated with professional investment consult:

Professional investment consulting is – also – characterised by high diversification and the lowest possible correlation of the securities to one another. In addition, it takes your personal situation and wishes into account. Nonetheless, the typical risks of capital investment still remain, at least in part. Risks in the asset classes of “shares” and “bonds” include, for example:

• Credit risk

• Price risk

• Liquidity risk

• Currency risk

Even professional investment advisors cannot completely eliminate all the risks incurred by financial investment. Nevertheless, they can reduce expensive surprises in the capital market by diversifying heavily – which means distributing the risk among various asset classes such as shares and bonds, currencies, short, medium and long-term maturities and so on.

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What does comprehensive investment consulting include?

Investment consulting is the discipline of capital investment, which is divided into various sub-areas:Investment consulting is the discipline of capital investment, which is divided into various sub-areas:

• Actively and passively managed share / bond funds

• Real estate

• Private equity

• Investing in gold

• Pension fund, inheritance and donations (order the free pension booklet from the bank) 

Design your individual securities portfolio together with our experienced advisors. This is our concept of investment consulting. Let us take the first step together. Arrange an appointment.