Schelhammer Capital Bank AG complaints office

Our clients are our most important concern!

Our clients’ trust is our most valuable asset. This is why we always strive to attend to your needs and desires in all banking matters to the very best of our ability. If, despite this, you have grounds for complaint, we will address this complaint at once.

For this purpose, it is best you either contact your client advisor directly, or their supervisor.

Alternatively, you may also submit your complaint directly to our complaints office – either in person, by phone or in writing. Your concern will be handled with utmost confidentiality, with the aim of finding a fair and fast solution together.

Beyond this, your suggestions, wishes and complaints always help us to make our processes even more client-friendly.

Mag. Birgit Beck-Kunerth

Complaints management


Anschrift: Neusiedler Straße 33, 7000 Eisenstadt
We are also happy to call you back on business days between 8 am and 2 pm!

Your cooperation with the complaints office

Principles of the complaints office

  • We deal with each complaint in a fair, objective manner. We take both your perspective and the perspective of Schelhammer Capital into account.
  • Within the scope of its activity, Schelhammer Capital is subject to legal framework conditions. We ask for your understanding that our compliance with legal regulations is not up for discussion. Moreover, business policy objectives of the bank cannot be altered by the complaints office.
  • If you are supported by third parties in your complaint, please issue a release from banking secrecy.
  • We are aware that dissatisfaction causes anger and annoyance. Nevertheless, we ask that you please remain calm. The more clearly and objectively you explain your problem to us, the more easily and quickly we can initiate the right steps.

How can the complaints office help you?

  • Announcements regarding our products and services
  • Feedback on employees
  • Legal or contractual conditions are not being observed

In which matters is the complaints office unfortunately unable to intervene for you?

  • If legal proceedings are already pending in this matter
  • If a judgment has already been delivered in this matter

What documents does the bank require from you?

The more information we receive from you regarding the issue, the better we are able to get a picture of your situation. Describe the problem to us in detail:

  • Which branch, when, which account number, which business case, who was involved, what is the amount concerned etc.
  • If possible, send us a copy of the relevant documents
  • Don’t forget to provide us with your details: name, address and phone number

Occasionally misunderstandings occur because agreements or contracts have not been read. Please prevent this by carefully reading what you are about to sign. If something is unclear, ask us. We will be happy to help. Please let us know immediately if you have the feeling that you have not received sufficient advice or information.

What happens with your complaint?

  • We record the complaints in our IT system. By doing so, we ensure that every processing step is documented and that we keep an eye on your concern until it is resolved.
  • In the best-case scenario, we are able to solve your problem immediately. If your concern cannot be resolved immediately, you will receive a written message from us. We will inform you how long you should expect to wait for feedback. This is carried out as soon as possible, but as a general rule at the latest after 14 days. Sometimes matters are more complex than they appear at first glance. We ask for your understanding if it takes a little longer. If additional, unexpected delays occur, we will inform you immediately.
  • We research the matter carefully within our company. We gather and check all relevant evidence and information related to the complaint. We speak to the colleagues or specialist departments concerned and obtain their statements and expert opinions. It is very important for us to treat the situation fairly and objectively.
  • Our research results are presented to the competent bodies in Schelhammer Capital for the decision-making.
  • You are then informed of the result – the viewpoint of Schelhammer Capital regarding your problem as well as information on the next steps – immediately in writing.
  • If Schelhammer Capital is unable to meet your demands or unable to meet them in their entirety, we provide a detailed explanation of our standpoint with regard to the complaint.
    You have the option of turning to other bodies for the further processing of your complaint, in particular:

    • Chamber of Labour, consumer advice
    • Common Arbitration Office of the Austrian Banking Industry (Gemeinsame Schlichtungsstelle der Österreichischen Kreditwirtschaft), Vienna
    • Consumer arbitration Vienna
    • Austrian Financial Market Authority (FMA), Vienna
    • European Online Dispute Resolution Platform for consumers and companies in connection with online purchase contracts or online service contracts