Are you interested in the diverse possibilities and opportunities offered to you by the private banking of Schelhammer Capital?

What is actually meant by the term “private banking”?

There is no generally valid definition of “private banking”. However, similarities can usually be found among the majority of providers. This concept refers to the especially intensive support of prosperous i.e. wealthy bank clients. Unlike retail banking, a private banker serves and advises only around 60 to 100 clients.
Everything Schelhammer Capital does is private banking. We dedicate our knowledge and attention to providing the maximum benefit for our clients!

The private banking of Schelhammer Capital

Our range of services is made up of many disciplines. We are the all-rounders in the financial services sector. With us you receive:

Investment consulting from qualified advisors, often even internationally certified financial planners

• Multiple award-winning asset management

• Pension planning


• etc.

There are many things that must be taken into consideration in the administration and management of assets in order to be successful.

However, before we go into this in more detail: there are plenty of reasons why you can and should think about private banking, wealth management, asset management and family office. Some visitors are just coming into contact with the topics of asset management and advice for the first time. Others already have advisors or managers and are seeking improvement. Schelhammer Capital offers solutions for both groups.

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Outstanding asset management

The concept of asset management means you consult with an advisor before investing to decide what your goal is and when it should be achieved. You establish the principles for your asset management. Then you hand over the responsibility for strategies and tactics to the managers of the bank.

Cooperation in investment consulting

Investment consulting means that you talk to your advisor to determine both your goal and how you will get there. The latter requires your continuous cooperation and time.